Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We love homemade salsa when we have fresh tomatoes from the garden!  I admit I've never tried this with canned tomatoes but I'm sure it would work.  

This would probably be considered "medium" heat.  Our favorite peppers to use are called "cow horns" (they're green, long, and look like a cow horn) from the farmer's market but I couldn't find them this year.  If anyone knows the "real" name for them or where I can find them locally, let me know.

I just made some today and I had about 3 cups tomatoes and used a mixture of jalapeno peppers (3 small ones) and hot banana peppers (3 or 4, I think).  My advice is start small with the peppers and add one at a time if not hot enough.  Also, I have noticed if you have leftovers (which we rarely do!), it tends to get hotter as it sits in the fridge.

I've never frozen this or canned it.  I wouldn't mind trying to freeze it but I'm uncertain if canning it the way I make it would work okay (I'm pretty careful when canning stuff).  So if anyone knows if it's safe, let me know (and how long to process in a hot water bath canner).

This is a thin salsa and has a more pink color than red.  I have wanted to try putting some tomato paste in it just to thicken it but honestly I keep forgetting to buy it!  And of course you can just chop everything instead of blending it as I do.

2 cups tomatoes (if super juicy, you may want to drain some of the juice out of it)
1/2 small onion 
2 fresh jalapeno (seeds and all)
splash lemon juice
garlic salt to taste
cilantro to taste (it's pretty easy and fun to grow!)

Blend ingredients in blender.

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