Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg Teacups

Do you have extra plastic eggs lying around the house?  I saw this idea in the Family Fun Magazine.  Since Josie got a huge package of buttons for her birthday and we had an excess of plastic eggs after the egg hunt Saturday, I decided to make some bowls and teacups for the girls to play with (because though they have several, there's never enough! LOL). 

Simply hot glue a button to the bottom of an egg half.  You can add a pony bead or another button for a handle (some eggs get side-heavy so the beads seem to work best).  Or don't add a handle at all.

You can embellish them with stick-on gems, foam stickers, sequins (use glue dots to add them), permanent markers, etc.  When I saw how excited the girls were about having more teacups and bowls, I decided to forgo the embellishments (we may do so later). 

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