Thursday, September 19, 2013

How I Fixed a Paint-Stained Shirt

My middle daughter’s favorite shirt was ruined with paint. She was heartsick! I decided to try to redeem it and the only thing I could come up with was covering the spots. I think it worked well! The spots are covered (though the shirt may now be considered “tacky”), I had the supplies on hand, and she loves the “revised” shirt! Her older sister has even requested that I put something on her favorite shirt. Now I have to start making little flowers to embellish her Dora T-shirt. LOL

This is how the shirt looked with the pain spots (you can’t really see the two smaller spots, but they were very visible in person!):

I made a paper pattern:

I traced the pattern pieces onto the fabric (in this case, yellow gingham) using a water soluble marker. Then I sewed over the lines (doubling the fabric, right sides together) completely (not leaving an open place for turning):

Then I cut around the pieces (about 1/8 of an inch), clipping the corners diagonally and cutting
notches around the circle.  Then I used a ripper-outer to slice a slit in the middle of the back so that I could turn the piece out from there.  I then turned the pieces right side out and ironed them flat.
I discovered that the largest paint spot could be seen through the pieces so I decided to place a piece of fusible batting under the appliqués. This was a terrific idea! It gave the pieces a quilted look! I then ironed the pieces and batting in place, then sewed them in place by hand.

Finished project (as you can tell, I nixed one of the rays…it just seemed there wasn’t room):

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