Sunday, October 30, 2011

Éclair Dessert

This is a recipe that my Grandma Bonner gave me years ago.  It’s super easy and very delicious!  For the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve requested it for my birthday.  My mom even called me after making it last week and thanked me for being so easy about my birthday dessert.  I was quick to thank HER for making it for me!    It's important to let the dessert sit overnight or all day so that the crackers get soft (which, in this recipe, is a good thing!).

You can make your own chocolate frosting if you prefer.  While I normally do make my own frosting for cakes, etc., I always use the canned for this recipe.  It just tastes so good that way!  

For a lighter version, you can use fat free milk, sugar free pudding, light cool whip, low fat graham crackers and frosting.   

2 small packages vanilla instant pudding 
3 cups milk 
1 8 oz. cool whip 
1 package graham crackers 
1 can milk chocolate frosting, room temperature 
2 tablespoons milk   

Mix pudding and milk thoroughly.  Fold in cool whip.  Line 9x13 pan with whole graham crackers.  Spread half of pudding mixture over crackers.  Make another layer of whole graham crackers.  Spread the second half of pudding mixture over crackers.  Make a third layer of whole graham crackers and refrigerate until firm.  Stir milk into frosting.  Spread over crackers.  Refrigerate overnight.      

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