Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letter Memory, Match, Bingo

With index cards, a fine point and regular point Sharpee, and a little time, I made this set of cards that have proven to be a fun way to learn letters!  I use them with both kids and they seem to love it!

I cut 3x5 cards into 3 sections and drew letter writing lines with the fine point Sharpee, then wrote the capital and lower case letters (A to Z) on the cards. 

Letters:  I used the lines on the index cards as guides for the lines I drew.

For the Bingo cards, I cut 4x6 cards into 4x4 and drew lines in one inch increments with the fine point marker.  I took the regular Sharpee and wrote random letters (uppercase on some cards; lowercase on the others) into the squares.  The girls use pennies to play Bingo.  I let them cover the whole card to win.  You can choose upper or lower case, depending on the level of the child.  We also take turns:  I call the letters out, they cover their cards with pennies.  Then Josie calls out the letters.  Of course you can show them the letters or you can just say the letters, depending on their level. 

For memory, I choose several letters and we play memory (I haven’t used the whole set yet at once, just some) where an uppercase and lowercase of the same letter is a match.

For letter match, I place several uppercase letters in a column and give the child the lowercase letters that will match them.  They then place the lowercase by the uppercase (or the baby with the Mama, as Josie likes the say). 

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