Monday, June 13, 2011

Cloth Diaper Information

When I started this blog, I didn’t intend to only share recipes (though I know my readers are enjoying them!).  So today I’m breaking from my recipe rut to share some information regarding how we do cloth diapers. I shared this information over the weekend with a Christian Forums website I’m on.  Most of you won’t be interested but I thought there might be one or two folks that are.  Besides, it's part of my "home" so I guess it fits on my blog.

We use the Diaper Service Premium Quality Chinese Prefolds with the Prorap covers. LOVE this combination! Prefolds with a cover are the cheapest option. And, IMO, the easiest. I also have several snappis and much prefer them to diaper pins. They make diaper changing faster and easier.

I have two sizes of diapers (small, dark green edging; and large, blue edging). I have all sizes of covers except the newborns.

I usually use disposable through the first month or two, then cloth while at home. I do use disposable when we go out. If I don't have any, I have 5 pocket diapers that I use (these go on just like a disposable diaper so they're easy for a nursery worker to use). And oftentimes I'll double-diaper (for toddlers) when we leave the buys a little extra time for the nursery workers or if we're running errands.

I double diaper at night when they get to be older (15 months or so). I usually use a large diaper with a small one in the middle or a doubler (I only have one good one--came from by a SAHM and has hemp in it).

I have bought my diapers from and the prorap covers from different venders, depending on price.

The only times my girls have had diaper rash was when they were in disposables for a day or longer. NEVER from cloth diapers. I do, however, have to change cloth diapers more often than if they were wearing disposable.

My favorite diaper pail is a Lowe's 5 gallon bucket with a lid. I think the combo cost less than $5 and when the lid is on the pail properly (not tightly closed, just nothing sticking out of it and the lid set on top), my nursery does NOT smell. I had a fancy diaper pail before and hated it. Hubby came up with this idea and it's wonderful!

I dump the solids in the toilet and place the diapers in the pail dry. When a diaper is extremely messy, I dump what I can in the toilet, and soak in a bucket over night. This really isn't a big deal.

I place the diapers in the washing machine (I do covers too but have had people say not to do this--my covers are still going strong after two kids) and soak for an hour or two (sometimes overnight). Drain, then wash on the longest cycle.

I either hang them out to dry or place them in the dryer, making sure they get a total of 60 minutes of heat (I have a 60 minute setting but 20 of it is cool-down so after 40 minutes, I turn the dial to 40 and let it run until it stops).

I use wash cloths for wipes when I'm home (buy wipes for the diaper bag).

I don't "fold" the diapers, I just stack them in a clothes basket and put my wash cloths, covers, and pocket diapers in another basket (both of these fit under my changing table--plastic crates work well too). I have a little box on top of my changing table that holds diaper cream and snappis. I keep diaper pins on hand but very rarely use them (unless I can't find a snappi!).

Well, that's a wrap!  Sorry, couldn't resist.  

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