Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roasted Vegetables

This is my mom’s recipe.  She usually makes a huge batch once a week, then heats up leftovers throughout the week.  It’s a delicious, healthy way to get in those necessary veggies!

You can use any veggies…these are what my mom uses 
yellow and zucchini squash
potatoes (red ones with skins on are yummy) 
green peppers 
tomatoes (they give a little juice in it and it is great for reheating!)    
You can use any veggies—her friend Angela uses turnip roots, beets, etc.    

Wash vegetables and chop up.   Line a black iron skillet with foil.    Drizzle olive oil or Canola oil over vegetables.  Add Italian Seasonings, Ms. Dash's or sea salt. Butter buds are also good (the shaker kind).     

Bake on 400 degrees. (can do 350 degrees).  Check every 15 minutes and stir the pan. Takes approx. 30 minutes to cook.   Reheats beautifully!!  

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