Thursday, July 26, 2012

Children's Books I Really Like 1

I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite children’s books.  Keep in mind my kids are 6 months, 2 ½, 4 ½ years old.  This is not a complete list by any means, just a start.  I hope to add to it later.

All of the Seuss and Barenstein Bears books!  I may work on narrowing it down.

Bear Snores On
Bear’s New Friend
Bear Stays Up For Christmas
Bear Wants More
Bear Feels Sick
by Karma Wilson
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
These are so delightful!  The pictures are beautiful and each page is a rhyme.  It’s catchy and easy to read.  My girls love them!  This list includes the ones we have.  There are more in the series but we haven’t bought the rest yet.

by Pamela J. Baker
Illustrated by Patricia Bellan Gillen
This is the best sign language book I’ve seen for young children.  It’s got lots of signs in a dictionary format (but only a few signs per letter—it is not a comprehensive dictionary).  My girls love for me to read it like a book and do all the signs.  Some signs we have to change for our region but you would have to with any book.  The illustrations are adorable.

by Linda Acredolo & Susan Goodwyn
Photographs by Penny Gentieu
This is a cute little book to help familiarize your baby with sign language.  There are more in the series but this is the only one I have.  Some are true signs, some are simply motions (which I change to the true signs and my kids don’t seem to mind).  What I like is that there’s a baby on each page spread doing the sign so my babies have been able to relate to the book.  There are also pictures that represent each word (one word per page spread).  So when they learn the signs, they can flip through the book, see the pictures of the word, and sign it!  It’s very fun and exciting to see!

by Mary Warren
Illustrated by Betty Wind
Arch Books
This is a book from my childhood.  I always loved the Arch Books Bible stories!  It’s a great way for kids to learn Bible stories.  My kids love it and they enjoy talking about it after reading it!

by V. Gilbert Beers
Illustrated by Carole Boerke
I like this for my 2 year old who may not be able to sit still for a long Bible story.  Each Bible story is about 4 pages long and there’s a graphic and a sentence or phrase on each page.  Quick, Biblical, and interesting for the little ones!

by Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrated by Clement Hurd
My kids love this book! 

by Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrated by Clement Hurd
This book shows a mother’s never ending, tireless love.  So many spiritual applications—Jesus became a person to reach us…much like the mother bunny is willing to become whatever she needs to so that she can reach her little bunny.  Very good read!

This has been such a favorite over the years that our first copy had to be replaced!  It’s a fun hands-on board book when they’re really little and becomes a great learning letters tool later on!

Mick Manning and Brita Granström
A very interesting book!  My oldest went through a phase where she would ask why we have certain body parts (eyebrows and belly buttons were the hardest ones to explain).  This book is a very simple book about parts of the body and their functions.  What I like is for each part, the authors give information about a few animals as it relates to that part of the body.  I think there were two animals we had never heard of before!  So of course we had to research and learn a little more about those animals.  Neat book!

I Love You This Much
By Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan
Illustrated by John Bendall Brunello
A really sweet book about a Mother’s love.

First Steps in Prayer
First Steps To God
First Steps In the Bible
Stephen Elkins
Illustrated by Ellie Colton
The books we have are a set of little board books.  The link is for the individual books and include a CD.  These have just a few pages.  They are a sweet introduction to Christianity for the little ones.

The Llama Llama books
Llama Llama Red Pajama
Llama Llama Misses Mama
By Anna Dewdney
These are the only two we have but that’s going to change!  My kids love these cute rhyming books!

By Jessica Meserve
Small was stuck in Big’s shadow until…well, you’ll have to read the book!  Gorgeous illustrations!  Great meaning!

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