Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flannel Board (homemade)

When it was time to do our Thanksgiving pictures for school, I wanted a way to display them for the Thanksgiving season so we could review the pictures already learned about and then add others as the month went by.  This came to mind and only took a few minutes to do. 

I keep a pizza box lid stash with my craft/sewing stuff and they come in handy for lots of projects (mostly involving paint).  So they became an easy medium for me to use. 

This project could also be covered with paper and used to create a personal work space for a child who is easily distracted (I will be implementing this soon—I think it will really help one of our girls!).   

I tried just using pieces of felt on the backs of the pictures.  It worked as long as it wasn’t handled.  However, in our busy household they kept falling off.  So, I simply used stick-on Velcro and that seemed to work a lot better.

2 pizza box lids (one cut in half)
Flannel (enough to cover lids)
Hot glue (or other preferred glue)
Stick-on Velcro pieces (the “grabby” or "rough" part, not “soft” part)

Put the pizza box lids in a line with the whole one in the middle (one half on each side).   

Using the hot glue, work from one end gluing the flannel to the lids.  Glue pieces of Velcro to the backs of the pictures.  Place on the board.  Stand the board up.  Done!

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