Thursday, March 10, 2011

And here I go...

So I’ve started a blog.  I agonized over the name.  I wanted something catchy (no luck!) that would describe what I hope my blog will encompass.  The problem is I’m not sure yet what it will encompass.  If you know me, then you will know that recipes will be a part of my blog.  That’s a given.  Tea stuff.  Tips and tricks around the house.  Musings (or, more aptly, “mumblings”) of mommy-hood.  Lessons I’m learning.  There will probably be pictures.  I might start taking pictures of the recipes I make (but don’t expect step-by-step pictures since I’m on dial-up).  There will probably be a few garden pictures this summer and maybe even a picture of my very-special-made-by-my-wonderful-husband clothesline (likely loaded with diapers or sheets).  Let’s just say it’ll be my life.  In blog form.  For all to see.  Hmmm…kind of scary.  Let the blogging begin…  


  1. Love it .. I look forward to seeing your beautiful little girls ... and sharing.. in your life .. I have missed sharing tea times with you :) ... I can learn somethings from you .. Even though I am a Gram-Me.. we are now raising our 6 & 7 yr old grandchildren .. from my husbands son .. It is so different having children in my home again.. I am loving it.. but it sure wears a body out ..LOL My favorite part .. is sharing with them about God .. Love LisaMe!

  2. I am so glad you have started this because you have so much to share and we have so much to learn!