Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Best Chocolate Cake I've Ever Made

Since the Chocolate Pie Fiasco of Father's Day, I haven't made Austin a dessert so I decided to make him a chocolate cake (his favorite).  Josie asked if it was for Father's Day (she's been celebrating since the actual day--why is it that Father's Day continues for weeks and Mother's Day is barely a few hours?  LOL).  Then she sang Happy Birthday to him (I guess because I decided to let them put sprinkles on it).  So...whatever it was, it was special because we had chocolate cake in the house...and it was the best chocolate cake I've ever made no less!

Here's how I did it (for my future reference!)...

Betty Crockerr Super Moist Devil's Food cake mix, made according to directions in two round 9 inch pans (and I dusted the pan with cocoa since I was completely out of flour).

I placed the cooled layers in the fridge to let them get cold.  I sliced each once horizontally to make 4 layers.

I made the frosting:

1 stick real butter, softened (part way in the microwave because I forgot to set it out!)
a scoop of Crisco (maybe about 1/3 cup--I don't normally do this for chocolate frosting but will do it again)
some cocoa (about 1/3 cup)
splash of vanilla (2 teaspoons, maybe)
powdered sugar (almost 2 pounds--minus about 1 1/2 cups)
evaporated milk (I don't normally do this but I thought we were out of milk...found out later we weren't!  Will do this next time because I believe it made the frosting creamier)--just enough to make spreading consistency--maybe 1/4 cup

I creamed the butter and shortening.  Added the cocoa and mixed well.  Added the vanilla and about 1 pound powdered sugar, some milk and creamed well.  Continued to add sugar and milk until it was the right spreading consistency.

I frosted the cake (even let Josie do some!) and let the girls put the sprinkles on.  Maybe that's what made it special!  Poor kids...they couldn't wait for Daddy to cut a piece so they could have one too! 

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